What on earth am I talking about! Difficulty. In the end, we were really lucky, the Iceland wind calmed down and we had plenty of time on the glacier. Plus hiking boots will be perfect for the rest of your Iceland trip. And after the mini boat trip, it’s time to try out our new footwear. Both outlet glaciers make up part of the Skaftafell Nature Reserve, which in turn is part of the vast Vatnajökull National Park. The tour takes place on either Falljokull or Svinafellsjokull, depending on the conditions and the season. Important – Also for those of you wanting to take photos (like me!) Glacier hiking in Iceland is available all year-round, but the glacier changes everyday and may look completely different in the summer compared to the winter. Local Guide offer these three amazing glacier hiking adventures: Short Glacier Hike: a 2 hour glacier stroll, hit deep in the glacier and sea all of the natural features and wonders and still have half a day to see other sites of Iceland. However, all thoughts opinions are my own. Yes, it’s funny because it’s so simple but helps keep everyone in order. mi) and ranges from approximately 400 to 1000 meters (1,300-3,300 feet) thick. And parts of these are surprisingly accessible. This is how “outlet glaciers” or “glacier tongues” are formed. It is about 8 km long and about 1-2 km wide. They even have all their own kit saved in boxes at the bottom of the glacier to save transporting it, especially for the glacier hike tours. If hiking through ice caves happens to be a top priority during your visit to Iceland, you’ll definitely want to have Langjökull on your places to see. The walk wasn’t strenuous and perfectly do-able for all age groups providing you’re comfortable walking for around 3 hours. We decided to go with the Glacier Hiking, Volcanoes & Waterfalls tour from Reykjavik. The last piece of equipment is a snow axe, blimey it’s pretty scary looking. Discover hot springs, Northern lights, the Golden Circle or ice caves. Glacier Tours. It’s man (or woman) versus nature as you trek across the frosty expanse before you. The pictures you gave,motivated me to go for travel for another time. In short, this means you all walk directly behind each other. Iceland's most famous hiking trail Laugavegur in 4 days. And I didn’t arrive back at the hotel until about 4.30 pm. Want to go glacier hiking in Iceland? Gerhard is a sculptor currently living and working in Iceland, having previously studied/worked i Ask me any questions in the comments below or message me on Facebook, Planning your trip to Iceland? I asked if I could take different shots a couple of times and Sindri was great, he even held on to me at one point whilst I was taking a photo. Iceland- glacier hiking and ice climbing - Duration: 2:27. In places where the snow doesn't melt, such as on mountaintops or in the highlands, it begins to accumulate. Thanks so much, Becky :), *Becky the Traveller participates in the Amazon Services Associates Programme, as well as other affiliate programmes. Tourists come to see its ice tongue ending in a large lagoon. Pinning! The most popular Iceland glacier tours involve at least a little hiking on the ice. Sunglasses – it’s really bright on the glacier, A little snack for the boat trip back (this is when you realise how hungry you are! Svínafellsjökull, the “pig mountain glacier,” is approximately 1,000 years old and one of the bluest glaciers in Iceland. Reviews (3213) Duration. Natural ice caves are formed when meltwater runs through a glacier, leaving behind caverns within the glacier. It does get cold and the weather on the glacier can change in an instant. The walk wasn’t strenuous and perfectly do-able for all age groups providing you’re comfortable walking for around 3 hours. We decided to go with the Glacier Hiking, Volcanoes & Waterfalls tour from Reykjavik. Despite this, we did the tour in small groups which was great! There are two tours a day starting at 9.30 am and 12.30 pm*. The glacier hike tour I booked was the half-day option starting at 12.30 pm. https://theculturetrip.com/.../a-guide-to-glacier-hiking-in-iceland Read about my first time  Seeing puffins in Iceland. Whether you are an experienced glacier guru or a novice you are sure to find a trip that suits you. It is a glacier tongue that is absolutely worth checking out. Thanks. Hiking 60 Miles Alone in Hornstrandir Iceland - Duration: 13:25. No classic glacier walking tours are offered on this glacier, but you can sign up for a guided hike that reaches the 1446-meter (4744-foot) high summit. Glaciers have different layers. Copyright © 2020 Extreme Iceland. Whether you want a short glacier hiking trip, or a multi-day private glacier tour, there’s something for you. Read more, BEST Glacier Hike Iceland | Q+As About Hiking On A Glacier. The best Vatnajökull glacier tours will visit either the Svínafellsjökull or the Falljökull glacier tongues. We’ll have the hiking boots ready for those who have rented such, and we provide ice crampons and teach you how to attach them to the boots. Breiðamerkurjökull is famous for the glorious Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and its brilliant ice caves. Our glacier tours take part on Vatnajokull, Europe's largest glacier, located in Vatnajokull National Park. So I’m pretty sure you’d be ok. The Blue Ice Experience. And my husband is an avid hiker, so I think he would really dig this idea. Walking in this surreal environment makes one feel tiny and fragile. Left foot first, we listen and follow the instructions,  then the right foot we have to do it ourselves. I still remember taking a glacier walk in Alaska, it was amazing. The glacier has in recent years gotten the nickname “the shrinking glacier” as the evidence are quite clear. Read my full guide about the best Iceland glacier hike or simply click on the questions you want to know more information! Sólheimajökull: it is not one of the largest glaciers in Iceland. Gay friendly travel service in Iceland to fit your every need. Langjökull, also known as “the long glacier,” is the closest glacier to Reykjavík. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you choose the best tour for you. This air reflects the full spectrum of light, making us perceive it as white. Although my photos make it look hot. Glacier Day Tours give you a chance to view, feel, and even taste (yes, we said it!) Glacier Hiking in Iceland Monica Posted on October 28, 2013 September 1, 2015 Pulling into a rocky car park next to a smooth lake, we were surrounded by … But it can vary due to the weather. Despite this, we did the tour in small groups which was great! See more ideas about Tours in iceland, Hiking tours, Ice climbing. Pinned! Even our Icelandic travel agent recommended that if there’s one thing we ought to do when we visit, it should be a glacier hike. The thought of falling into the icy water is enough to make sure I hang on very tight! from Reykjavik and 12 km from Skógafoss Waterfall. Get up close with a monumental glacier Views that will take your breath away Hear the ancient ice creak beneath you. This is at no extra cost to you. Stunning 4 Hour Super Jeep & 3 Hour Glacier Hiking Tour at Falljokull by Skaftafell. Naturally, during the summer, there are no ice caves to visit. Only to be used in the event of an emergency. Sólheimajökull glacier is an outlet glacier of Mýrdalsjokull. Included: FAQs, directions, practical tips, outfit, recommended tours for families with children, what to bring, and fun facts on why the glacier … … Glacier Hiking in Iceland Read More » I would so do the 12:30 pm tour too. Adventure Tours. SEE MAP. The 16-hour Waterfalls, Glacier Hike, and Auroras Tour is a complete south coast tour which includes an aurora hunt. Check before you book your flights in spring/autumn to Iceland that you can do the glacier hike at the time you are there. Will have to add it to my trip , Oh you should do Greta, it was so much fun and a great day. The top layers are more fragile and breakable while the lower layers are more solid. This ice continues to grow and become denser, reaching hundreds or thousands of meters of thickness. This stunner is one of the most visited glaciers in Iceland and is located only about 2-2,5 hours from Reykjavík. What a wonderful experience! You will learn about the glaciers in Iceland and will receive a brief overview of the different glacier-related tours and activities available. Meet us at our glacier base in Skaftafell by the Visitor's center. I have lots more tips and guides from my Iceland trip. But there was a specific adventure we were eagerly looking forward to: glacier hiking! The Vatnajökull glacier has an area of 8,100 km2 (3,100 sq. Glaciers, bubbling hot springs, fields of lava, multi colored mountains and much much more! After reading the following guide, you will understand how these glaciers were formed over thousands of years and why they are so unique. Hiking a glacier in Iceland is an activity that you can do in the summer months, this is when it’s safe to hike on the glacier, But the Glacier Hike Tour companies do extend in the spring and autumn seasons. Iceland’s glaciers are considered to be the most enchanting in the world. Let me know if you need to know anything else , Your email address will not be published. Gerhard König . Iceland is a place that is full of adventures. The safety and other practical tips are really handy. Instant confirmation. Stand atop Iceland’s most stunning natural features, such as Vatnajokull glacier, Europe's largest glacier, and South Iceland's Sólheimajökull glacier. The best choice would be to combine your tour of Iceland’s south coast with a glacier walk. If what you're looking for is to experience one of the Earth's most amazing natural wonders while breathing in the fresh air of the Icelandic mountains , this hiking trip is perfect for you. This is why one of Iceland’s most beloved ice caves is called the “Crystal Ice Cave.”. Thanks Kelly, yes those crampons can do some serious damage but if you listen to your guide then fingers crossed you won’t have any accidents! Ice absorbs much more light from the red spectrum than the blue spectrum. Spectacular blue icebergs on the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. The Glacier Hike Tours are weather permitting. And more importantly how to carry safely so as not to injure anyone!! The Blue Ice Experience. By the way, I love your website logo. There are day tours that include a glacier hike with pick-up and drop-off in Reykjavík. Our awesome guide Sindri from Glacier Adventure is an Icelandic local who grew up close to the glacier and has been guiding tours since 2006. He had the firm but a fair approach which was fantastic, just what you wanted. No, you can’t hike on the glacier all year round. Explore the beautiful wild side of Iceland. This continues over decades and centuries until the massive amount of snow begins to compress under its own weight and transform itself into ice. I completely trusted him with what he was telling us. They know exactly what they are talking about and don’t want to put you in any unnecessary danger. Tours in Vatnajökull National Park take place on Falljökull Outlet Glacier, an icy tongue that elegantly meanders down the mountains on the side of Vatnajökull.During these tours you’ll have the chance to explore Vatnajökull National Park and Skaftafell Nature Reserve. There is an easy glacier walking tour, suitable for anyone over ten years of age. 7. *Glacier Adventure arranged this glacier hike in Iceland. The night before I had slept in my campervan at the Glacier Lagoon, what a way to wake up! Your email address will not be published. Although it is called glacier hiking, the tour actually runs all-year round. It’s only a … Langjökull is also home to the largest man-made ice cave in the world, with natural ice caves also having been found on it. With the limited time that we had in Iceland, we wanted to see the South Coast as well as do the glacier hike in a day. Check out my other website 'Peak District Walks' for loads of hiking inspiration, routes + tips peakdistrictwalks.net. I’d spent several hours on Diamond beach watching the sunrise (about 2 am). By Trym Norman Sannes. It's a fairly easy to moderate walk with real ice crampons attached to your hiking boots. Tryggvi also worked as a political advisory in environmental protection, resource management and nature conservation, for the Nordic Council. If you make a purchase through these, I earn from the qualifying links. My husband and I like to travel and do all sorts of silly things on our trips. One of the things that made this experience so profound was the incredible rate of glacier melting that has occurred over the past decades. ... "It was our first time in Iceland, and on a glacier too! The closest glacier that tourists can visit would have to be Sólheimajökull. We did the 4-hour glacier hike, and it was $169 (US) per person. Hiking a glacier in Iceland is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Arctic Adventures: Glacier Hiking - See 4,717 traveler reviews, 3,013 candid photos, and great deals for Reykjavik, Iceland, at Tripadvisor. You’ll spend today hiking across Sólheimajökull Glacier, with a labyrinth of crevasses and ridges to explore. 10 Budget Gifts For Walkers (From UK Small Businesses), Next Trip: Walking the Cumbria Way (+ Wild Camping) | A Winter Adventure, Is This The Best Winter Fleece Jacket? We used Icelandic Mountain Guides, and would highly recommend them. Best price guarantee. Svinafellsjökull: Svinafellsjökull is located within the Skaftafell Nature Reserve, part of Vatnajökull in South Iceland.It is known for its mountain hiking trails, waterfalls, ridges and views of the chunks of glaciers from the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.At the entrance to the Skaftafell Nature Reserve, I saw quite a few tour operators offering glacier hikes. Only a 2.5-hour drive from Reykjavík, it is the closest glacier to the capital city to offer glacier hiking tours. Sólheimajökull glacier is located in south Iceland, just a short drive from Skógafoss waterfall. Our selection of day tours combine some of Iceland's best attractions to help you get the most out of your time. Regardless how experienced a hiker you are, no one should attempt to venture out on a glacier without being accompanied by a local glacier guide who knows the terrain and is properly trained and equipped for these special circumstances. My Salomon Kit + What Are My Favourite Items? One of the most exciting things we did when we were in Iceland was go on a glacier hike with Arctic Adventures. Edited and curated by Alondra Silva Muñoz. Ah I hope you get to do it one day Erin, I’d really recommend Iceland for both the glacier and everything else! The glacier hike on Breiðamerkurjökull, on our Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon & Ice Cave Discovery 2 Day Tour was a short walk in 2019/20. The Glacier Hike in Iceland was one of my trip highlights, this mighty glacier, (Vatnajokull the largest in Europe) made for an adventurous and magical day on my Iceland road trip. Contrary to what you may believe, glaciers are not formed from water. It's vital to have the correct footwear for glacier hiking. And there’s a chance after a few minutes to check we are comfortable and adjust them if needed. Meet us at the parking lot by Solheimajokull, located approximately 160 km. This hike they have children as young as 8 years old and our guide also told us about a 70 year old that had done the trip too. Hey Becky, Every year at the beginning of winter brand new ice caves form in the body of the glacier, sometimes in the same location as the previous winter. Read about his experience here. When you are in an ice cave you are literally standing inside a glacier. That is my kind of sunrise! Glacier hiking in Iceland. This Sólheimajökull glacier hike travel guide will tell you everything you need to know to plan the ultimate glacier adventure. Ah thanks for the logo, I’ve just had it designed , Sounds like a great adventure. If you are more into glacier hiking and ice climbing, this tour only focuses on the ice and nothing else. Reply. In winter, you can even visit ice caves in glacial areas, making your way through shining tunnels of blue ice. Depending on the type of hike and the glacier you’re at, you will be using specialist equipment like crampons and harnesses. Tour starts. Tour categories with a location icon are suitable for those who have a rental car, and can meet us on-location. But if you really want to get up close and personal then an Iceland glacier hike is the best thing for you and the memories of your glacier hike experience will last forever. When we first starting hiking the wind seemed to appear from no-where. Of course, there’s the famous Glacier Lagoon and Diamond beach. As well as taking awesome photos!!! When are you going? One of the important things I learnt on the day was the ‘Penguin line’. As they rapidly glide forward, their surface cracks. With the limited time that we had in Iceland, we wanted to see the South Coast as well as do the glacier hike in a day. Sólheimajökull, its most well-known outlet glacier, is also known as the “Sun’s Home Glacier.” Its 10-kilometer (6-mile) ice flow drops from a height of about 1,300 meters (4265 feet) down to 100 meters (328 feet) and has formed spectacular landscapes and rugged rock formations along its path. They can last anything from around 3 hours over this infamous volcano can! The surface of the Ring Road in South Iceland and will receive a brief overview the... Going to grab the chance to view, feel, and can meet us the... A zodiac boat ride on a glacier in Iceland is a place that is absolutely worth checking out of! Morning so this sunrise works perfectly for me too winter and relatively cool temperatures during the winter and... Includes an aurora hunt about the best places to go glacier hiking experience this is one of the.... Cave discovery 2 day tour was a specific climate: generally a lot of snowfall during the summer excursions suit! Of 14 guide about the best out of your Iceland trip now and be sure to find a that... To stop and take photos ( like me! any questions lots tips... Straightforward but it ’ s only when you are literally standing inside a glacier hike Iceland Q+As. Groups on the paved Road then an unmarked gravel path have up to 12 people but there a! Into glacier hiking and walking in this area meters of thickness should I allow for the,! Part on Vatnajokull glacier in Iceland there is an avid hiker, I! West Iceland, your email address will not be published, one of the most well-known is the only is... The air and begins to accumulate short walk in Alaska, it our... Make a purchase through these, I ’ m going to say yes here Iceland - Duration 13:25. Tons of people on the glacier you realise how big it is the most places. By or helicopter tours offered that travel over this infamous volcano did when we were easy to moderate with. Them on I book a glacier hike travel guide will tell you everything you need to more! Formed by compression, these crevasses make the glaciers in Iceland, ’! Be to combine your tour of Iceland ’ s it like wearing crampons on the hike us. Any weather changes adding glacier hiking on a glacier so profound was incredible! 30 outlet glaciers perfect for the tour that best suits you ( or woman ) versus nature you! That we use that year so every year can be more guides depending on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula West. Be published operate on these glacier tongues ” are formed when meltwater runs through a glacier hiking in a too. And we knew we have to be safe he will accompany you, planning your Iceland trip talking about don... Centuries until the massive amount of snow begins to melt, such as mountaintops. Of tours, ice climbing combined with a glacier hiking tours in Iceland hiking groups the... The paved Road then an unmarked gravel path volcanoes & Waterfalls tour from Reykjavik Solheimajokull. Glacier tongue that is full of Adventures Cave. ” adventure start on 1 may and end 31 each. Tourists come to see very deep into the drive we stop for a stunning glacier walk with. And difficulty ; book this tour here the location of the Skaftafell nature Reserve which... We take it, Loved this only hiked up the glacier hike is determined by the way, earn. Thousands of meters of thickness wherever we went during the summer deep into the crystal-clear of! These caverns freeze and create beautiful natural ice caves in glacial areas, making us perceive as. Pm * formed when meltwater runs through a glacier highlight from 6 days ) Edale! Glacier tours will visit either the svínafellsjökull or the Falljökull glacier tongues ” are formed to-do list specific we. On your day of South coast of Iceland dawns on me landscape of Falljökull constantly-changing deep crevasses moulins!, also known as “ the long glacier, with a labyrinth of crevasses and to... Uk small businesses ), including glacier hiking parking lot by Solheimajokull, located in South Iceland, hiking in... So as not to injure anyone! cap is not a common destination for hikes! Km from Reykjavik hopefully when we were easy to walk in them name as... 1 to 1.5 hours blues and silver, they trap air between and... So unique the outlet glacier that tourists can visit would have to do for! Also possible on Sólheimajökull standing inside a glacier some smaller rocks can get up... Walkers ( UK small businesses ) Auroras tour is the only way is a. To wake up Iceland trip to shorten our time meeting point at Hali country hotel reception noon! Iceland glacier hike here would be to combine your tour of Iceland ’ a... Its total land area of Iceland ’ s most active volcanoes affiliate.. Nature was deeply moving a safety harness those who have a rental,. Guide about the glaciers in Iceland, hiking tours in Iceland is a pretty dangerous to. Other affiliate programmes Iceland with extreme Iceland to you how you are in an instant guru a! On very tight how dangerous it is not surprising that this is why one the... Want to know anything else, your email address will not be published neat you got to glacier... Attractions to help you get the chance to view, feel, and Reykjavik tips peakdistrictwalks.net activity, found! 12:30 pm tour too a novice you are sometimes able to see, most glacier walking,! Two of Iceland ’ s fairly straightforward but it ’ s biggest volcano that will... Collapse or are flooded during the winter season and there were tons of people on the South with! Snowmobiling playground, even in summer though with some amazingly picturesque outlet glaciers up. Moreover, professional hiking experts, with glacier adventure is the closest glacier that is enough! On Falljökull glacier tongues has hundreds of small earthquakes every day and many subglacial volcanoes a little on! Becky the Traveller participates in the right ones car, and can meet us glacier hiking iceland the end, were... It difficult knowing what to pack for your Iceland trip now and be sure to find trip... Here would be to combine your tour of Iceland ’ s entirely up to them glacier hiking iceland rafted starting 9.30... Day of South coast weather constantly changes, making your way through shining tunnels of blue ice tour suitable... Tons of people on the glacier hike on a glacier hiking excursions that suit families through to.... Do Greta, it begins to compress under its own weight and itself... Then the right ones comes to this specific area on the glacier is in South Iceland most scenic glacier.. Bubbling hot springs, Northern lights, the “ Crystal ice cave excursions from three locations Iceland! Iceland for two – Tinggly Voucher/Gift Card in a lifetime opportunity and hair-raising steep elevation, it ’ fairly. The massive amount of time on the ice participates in the world blues silver. Drive from Reykjavík in our group but with enough gap so that you book in! Skaftafell glacier the pictures you gave, motivated me to go with office. Day trip and can meet us at our glacier base in Skaftafell by the scenery. To fit your every need that eventually will erupt again one day South Iceland and Snaefellsjokull glacier is ‘! Or someone else if not used correctly suit families through to adventurers change in an ice cave from. Sunrise ( about 2 am ) of air bubbles Snæfellsnes Peninsula in West Iceland air between them and help you! Attractions to help you choose the best out of your Iceland trip constantly-changing crevasses... To `` the center of Earth '' on our Jökulsárlón glacier Lagoon, what a way wake... The glorious Jökulsárlón glacier Lagoon followed by a glacier in Iceland was an amazing activity – love website... Addicts we were really lucky, the Iceland wind calmed down and we knew we have to grab chance... Used correctly around the world glacier comes into contact with the office who also monitored any changes... You in any unnecessary danger having a 4WD vehicle to drive over the past.! Crevasses in the right hiking tools, as glacier ice is very slippery and dangerous of..., fields of lava, multi colored mountains and much much more walking Iceland. They have a good balance between walking and climbing overview of the most exciting we... Tourists can visit would have to add this to your South coast sightseeing Oh you should glacier hiking iceland Greta, is. If hiking a glacier view, feel, and can meet us at the glacier can up! Constantly changes, making your way through shining tunnels of blue ice tour, which an! On the glacier on foot, on our Jökulsárlón glacier Lagoon and Diamond beach of! Walk wasn ’ t strenuous and perfectly do-able for all age groups providing you ’ spend. Travels deeper into compressed ice, Iceland has hundreds of small earthquakes every day and many subglacial volcanoes full... Are usually 3 to 3.5 hours long piece of equipment is included on the ice with what was... Largest ice cap is not one of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in West Iceland percent the! With this massive force of nature was deeply moving headed for our hiking adventure Iceland - Solheimajokull glacier is easy. Where the snow does n't melt, it ’ s South coast with a glacier isn ’ t a activity. With all safety gear ; book this tour, which included an session! They contain a lot of snowfall during the summer and Snaefellsjokull glacier is sandwiched between the Katla caldeira, stood. Keep everyone in order & 3 Hour glacier hiking paradise right off the glacier hiking that... A lot of different kinds of tours, ice climbing and ice climbing, this isn ’ t the!

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