She had a very difficult time walking on or hardwood, granite, and marble floors and would constantly fall into a splay position. I’ve tried to move them and they will.not.budge!!! When they needed a larger size, the company offered to refund money AND send a larger size. Basically, yes, a rubber tube cut to size, but the rubber is somewhat grippy. We've been there too. There are now 0 promo code, 14 deal, and 1 free delivery promo. NCE . Size: Clear: Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips quantity. He always finds the cool tile and hardwood more comfortable than the carpet runners we put out throughout the house for him. He did not go gently, with love, me holding him. First of all, I was very surprised at how easy they were to apply! It looked vaguely familar, but I can’t place where I’ve seen the material before. The PawFriction coating enhances your dog’s downward leg force by preventing lateral slipping and splay legging. I cannot believe the difference!!!!!!!!! Necessity is the mother of invention…I’d do anything for Cody to live happy and healthy, and Toe Grips has made all the difference for him. Brady has had rear-end weakness for a couple of years now…on medication as well as monthly laser treatments. Read the ToeGrips story and learn about Dr. Buzby's passion for helping you help your dog live the longest, happiest life possible. No product is without complaints. The throw rugs work but are constantly getting pulls from her nails. Oct 13, 2020 - Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips for Dogs provide the support your Senior or Special Needs dog is looking for on hard surfaces! I will tell anyone that will listen to get these for their dog, and when my other dogs get old enough to need them, they will be getting them without a doubt! Sometimes a dog may require a combination. CouponAnnie can help you save big thanks to the 14 active promos regarding Dr. Buzbys ToeGrips. So he minds the heat a lot, causing him to want to shift around and find new cold spots on the laminate floor. Just placed Dr. Buzby’s toe grips on my 16 year old girl today. Noticing Sarah’s ToeGrips rubbing at the underside of the toenails (contact with ground), I left Gertie’s nails a little bit longer. So now, we’ve got these toe grips. He HATES his feet touched. All Rights Reserved. Neues Konto erstellen. This boy is geriatric as Newfie’s go at nine years. I have hardwood floors and she is finding it hard to get up. Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips for Dogs | Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips are the only product on the market that use dogs’ natural bio-mechanics, by providing traction through their toenails. We lost Gertie in June, not due to her age, but from ongoing complications of a leg abscess that wouldn’t heal. This was so much fun. It was suggested to get yoga mats or try Toe Grips. Instead of gluing just Sarah’s dragging paw, I glued them all. I had seen these as well. But darned if she not only started going up and down the stairs w/o any assistance, she started running around the house and cornering around furniture on the hardwood floors. She does have a problem with her hips and receives treatment so this has made it safe for her not to fall and get hurt.—Z-Connie D, My German Shepherd, Astro has hip dysplasia and recently started slipping on our wood floors. The other day, she bumped into the dishwasher while I was loading it and lost her balance. One thing we noticed is that the “click click click” of his nails on the floor is barely audible. In the meantime, THANK YOU!!—Joanne. I cried. She was blind and also diabetic and was losing strength in her legs. I finally gave up and went to a doctor yesterday. Read these ToeGrips reviews and customer testimonials to learn how ToeGrips have . He would slip on my wooden floors and then get scared to try to stand again. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. ToeGrips, pursuant to The ToeGrips Web Page, “are the only product on the market that use dogs’ natural bio-mechanics, by providing traction through their toenails.”  I will admit, they did work, however…. When he realized what those tiny little rubber circles did for his mobility it was like I was seeing a puppy running and playing! They don’t slip, fall off, or bother her. The information and short tutorial videos on the website were exactly what I needed to get started! Slater, our Catahoula Leopard dog, had surgery on both knees when he was a young boy, and as he got older, walking became more and more of a chore. I did come across a cheap alternative that I’m going to try. Winnie’s AFTER video shows a confident dog with head up, ears perked forward as she saunters right past the person with the camera. My dog is a 3 legged rottie who is 6. —Alina. Well, here we are on day 2 of Toe Grips and we are a changed household! Prevention matters just as much as intervention some times. I rang from Australia and the lady I spoke to was our beautiful angel and sent them to me immediately. These two products have made her life so much better. Received them this afternoon and got them on in a few minutes time. He hasn’t done that in months, and this was the best money i’ve ever spent. I’m sure he has no sensation in his nails but this has been a gargantuan turn around for our beloved boy. All I am left with is the one empty wrapper that Slugger didn’t eat. I agree, $10 per pack, sign me up monthly. Toe Grips contacted me offering to replace them. Her life was not restricted in anyway, but now we can move forward without the worry of slips and falls that were creeping into her everyday. No matter what, the ToeGrips will not touch the floor. We have hardwoods but also collect Persian carpets so very little of our floors are uncovered. I found him today. Thanks Dr.Buzby for your dedication to making life easier for our senior pets.—Lynne Droze Betty, He started not wanting to walk on the school floors as of last June and I thought his career was done at 10. He is now 17-years old and just survived Hurricane Irma last month. Gone was the fun loving, happy and bouncy guy we used to know. Read these customer ToeGrips reviews to learn how these natural, non-slip grips have helped slipping dogs of all sizes and breeds. When he walked over pure ice, his foot would begin to slide, then the grips “gripped” and kept him upright! When we got the toe grips, we clapped our hands with happiness at how well they worked on our polished floors. applying it to the nails glue wrap to the nails, then wrapping around 2 or 3 times and gluing it down. , I cannot express my gratitude to you enough for putting in the work to bring this product to us. I cannot remember where/how I heard about them but I have a feeling it was a Facebook pop up. I am so grateful for your willingness to send the grips to me free of charge, but obviously, I’ll now be a regular paying customer. The non-slip grips fit on your dog’s toenails … Please have anyone contact us at the email above or phone number below if additional info/feed back is sought. To add to his sad life, he is missing his back leg. I wanted to tell you how much of a difference ToeGrips have made for our two 13-year-old dogs. Guinness has had her toe grips in for a few weeks and is doing great. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. We filter millions of reviews from customer. I think that’s a pretty darn good track record and in the face of her routine vet bills, medicine, supplements and senior diet, the Toe Grips are but a blip on the spending chart. But at $29.95, well, it’s not possible, at least for the 99% of us who don’t hold most of our nation’s wealth. Dr Buzby has respond from time to time and provided excellent ideas and suggestions. Review your savings. Sorry we didn’t get the toe-grips sooner, we had avoid lots of suffering for Sparky and us.Eternally grateful.~Consuelo, We bought ToeGrips for our retired racing greyhound, Ruby, a couple of weeks ago. The laser treatments have literally saved his life and given us an additional 8 months together as I was ready to say good bye to him. He’s been through more than his fair share of ailments, one of which, vestibular disease, affected his balance. She dances and prances like the days of old! Review & Giveaway: Put Some Pep in your Senior Dog’s Step with Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips™ With older and special needs dogs it can be hard to get around the house. I was able to pick up 5 throw rugs! The latest I only found tonight. It broke our hearts. I found it terribly suspicious that I couldn’t find negative reviews. Although he does not like his feet groomed, he did not resist your toe grips, or try to remove them. In young dogs, we have the ability to modify or modulate behavior through training or environment, or sometimes through medications. He had a terrible limp and we thought it was severe arthritis but since I put them on, you can hardly tell he’s limping. In the short amount of time she’s been wearing them I see a huge difference! I would say that if you want to teach an old dog new tricks, help it to engage in movement. And this newly gained confidence from ToeGrips has also, without a doubt, improved the other parts of her life affected by fear. I’m about 1 1/2 years old now, but my first year was kind of rough.I had to have surgery on BOTH of my hips for dysplasia. Having traction is a game changer. The lack of balance and the loss of vision have caused Winnie to become quite fearful. Her only problem is slipping on our wood floors and especially the hardwood stairs. Thanks for inventing a simple constant wear product to help our older best friends! I laughed when she brought your ToeGrips to our home. Sparky is so happy now he even wants to go out for walks, he is full of energy and jumps up and down like a puppy, it seems he has forgotten his age. We love them!! It’s helped Emma regain an active lifestyle for which I am so so grateful ” ~Ryan. Dr buzby s toegrips review stopping a dr buzby s toegrips right for your dog toegrips give senior dogs back their toegrips for dogs by dr julie buzby frontiers dr buzby s toegrips. I had been using the balloon booties which were pretty labor intensive as they would constantly rip and she wasn’t thrilled about me putting them on her. Dog Toenail Grips. I was his puppy raiser and when his partner passed away, he retired to my home in IL. they are painless and humane and do not hurt a dog. Removing ToeGrips. Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Description Additional information Measure the Right Size Customer's Reviews Description. It really changed his activity level and meant he could not navigate stairs at all which was a huge problem since the only path to the backyard included a steep set of stairs. I’ll keep gluing them on as they fall off! Unfortunately, I was able to get only 2 grips on each foot. Ähnliche Seiten. 71 People Used. My vet gave me a set of these to try on my 15 year old sheltie, who has vestibular balance issues, and atrophy of her hip muscles. Explore nail grinders for dogs. Wherever we go, people seem to notice the ToeGrips. ( Log Out /  10% OFF. I thought, “well this couldn’t hurt to try” I’m so glad that I did. I ended up just ordering one pack to try. 10% . I started picking up the throw rugs, one by one. We noticed he was having trouble just 2 weeks ago, and literally the next day I saw your ad on facebook. dog boarding birmingham al ( ) | dog boarding birmingham al how to dog boarding birmingham al for Thank you. I still wear them, and now need a large size (green) for my front toes, and medium (blue) for my back ones. Thought it would be good to try Toe Grips as it would most likely be more cost effective. As a vet and an owner of a 16 year old dog, I have tried nearly everything to help with her traction. On top of his being so malnourished, he had 60-80 scabs all over his body in various stages of healing….we believe he was used as a bait dog. I did not expect Benjamine to take to the toe grips so easily. I needed that long to get my fingers unstuck from gluing Sarah’s! She got off the couch easier. Great Product! I purchased the ToeGrips from a nearby veterinarian office. As a man, this is difficult to say, but after we put the ToeGrips on our 14 year old Schnauzer, Heidi…. Thank you for extending his career. May 8, 2019 - Dr Buzby’s ToeGrips ToeGrips are nail grips for dogs that work by allowing the toenails to grip smooth surfaces like hardwood floors. —Mandy Hemmings. I only found that out after I bought 2 sizes unfortunately. The Gemini-born can easily see both sides of an issue, a wonderfully practical quality. Yes, Sarah walked better. For an average discount of 14% off, customers will grab the maximum final savings up to 20% off. I re-applied the ‘extra’ 4 in the package as needed. —Michelle DuPuis, NEED HELP? After one day and a couple of walks, we’ve only lost one Toe Grip, but the cost is way to much for us. That said, most of her life revolves around the north arm of the couch and her food bowl. “The difference these little ToeGrips made has been small but mighty. Thank you!!! I knew all the slick spots and watched him yesterday (without the toe grips) and his poor hip bones went crashing to the ground every time that hind leg slipped. Scruffy was a rescue dog found after Hurricane Charley in 2004. —Linda L. I received my toe grips and applied them this weekend. 4 reviews for Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips for Dogs | Veterinarian in Beaufort, SC | Paddy is now completely reassured and happy to canter up and down the stairs at will, as well as chase his treat ball around on the wooden floors. —Crystal Wagner, I know you hear it all the time, but toegrips are completely life changing for my 12 YO Pug, Zig. Her ToeGrips didn’t start falling off until the second week. Today, with the toe grips, he rarely slid, and never fell. I couldn’t imagine how these would stay on. Hi! I am telling everyone I know. Watch the videos on the site, talk to Customer Service, ask someone else who may be slightly more adept to put them on for you or get your vet to do it – mine told me she would do it for $10 if I felt more comfortable with that approach, but I’m a DIY’er. He used to slip on our tile floors and the painted garage floors. dog toe treads are completly non-toxic and small enough so that if ingested they safely pass through the digestive system. My dog is constantly slipping on our wooden staircase. The grips aid her mobility and ability to get up on her own. Discussion. 95 % of 38 recommend . But, I continue to see his slowly declining and having more trouble walking on my laminate flooring. Dog Toe Treads Set of 20 w/Adhesive & Cleaning Brush, Dog Nail Caps for Increased Traction & Stabi… These are far easier to put on than Dr. Busby’s toe grips and work a lot better. For the first time ever at Run A Muck Ranch, a human requires more meds than a dog. Since my negligence in May, it’s only gotten worse. It really is amazing to see my boy get up off the floor on the first try! He can now walk across linoleum, hardwood floors . . Measuring the nails is an important, one-time step. ToeGrips are non-slip nail grips that enable your senior, arthritic, or special needs dog to get up without struggling and walk without slipping. Mar 29, 2018 - How have ToeGrips helped slipping dogs regain mobility? Oh, they did want the original grips returned – so they could donate them to rescue. I should clarify my use of the terms “ice” and “icy”. When I discovered ToeGrips he became a new dog!!! I did notice that most of the bloggers reported ToeGrips falling off, but because they worked providing traction, the reviews remained positive. Remember, 5 toes did not align with the rest of the XL’s, I would need to buy 1 L, 2XL and 1 XXL to fit all nails. Thank you for your review. Explore nail guards for dogs. Saying goodbye to your dog is the most difficult part of being a pet parent. Wow…due to her weakness it still is a bit of a job, but not from slipping feet! … This is the 2nd senior dog we’ve used them on. —Jill S, If you would have walked into my home several months ago, you would have thought it was a showroom for throw rugs! A Simple, Natural & Effective Solution To Prevent Your Dog From Slipping On Hardwood Floors. We’re now more than four months into the first application of the original package and are now down to 16 of the original 20 (three are seemingly lost for good; Miss Insatiable ATE one before I could catch her!) He was constantly slipping on uncarpeted floors and falling on his back hip. Discover (and save!) (Calif Animal Rehab) in Santa Monica. My dogs nails are a bit longer and I don’t see how these would help with grip when that part wouldn’t touch the ground. do any of you live in Canada? I’ve been looking into solutions and was looking at these toe grips. Since we moved to Arizona fours years ago, he has had a most difficult time with our tile floors – great effort in order to reside his very large frame. No words can describe the instant change in her. 3 toe nails on Sarah, and 2 on Gertie did not fall within the range of Extra Large sizing with the rest of the nails. Enjoy 10% Off Any Order At Dr. Buzbys ToeGrips More . Yes, some of the Toe Grips do work their way off but I usually find them on the floor and put them right back on. For however much time we have left with our Emma, she will be wearing toe grips. 5. Spiele/Spielzeuge. The results within just a few days were astounding! Thank you for a great product that deals with the issues of dog nail slippage in a practical and cost effective manner…we are sure we can look forward to paddy’s remaining years being much enhanced as a result. OFF . -Cailey (and Hank). The amount of love, laughs and hilarious fun he brings to me and my family is astounding and we are so happy to call him ours. Also trying to get my dog-friendly family to understand why I don’t want them feeding table scraps or “lick-a-plate”. SKU: N/A Category: Braces and Support Brand: Dr. Buzby’s. —Mike and Erika. We still have the rugs, but, now she can walk and is not afraid when we go to the vet as that facility also has tile. Thanks! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Otherwise, I’d say wait a few years until the product is improved or a better one comes out. I rise very early at my age – open the patio door so our dogs can get relief and it would take two or three minutes for “Theo” to rise. We’ll share that with you when it’s done. ToeGrips do this. Interesse. He was paralyzed for over a week due to damage and inflammation at his C-3 and C-4 region of his spine, in the neck area. But it’ll probably be worth the $30 to find out. ToeGrips do come with a 60 day money back guarantee, however, it’s kind of hard to remove glued on ToeGrips, and unless you see one fall off, you can’t retrieve it. I don’t think you read the blog post…. They have lasted longer than Paw Friction or any other paw pad application. My sincerest apologies that I never responded to your comment! He has Cushings Disease which makes him run a bit warmer than the average dog. Explore nail clippers for pets. I like the idea but way too much money for such a product. ToeGrips are non-slip nail grips (natural solution) that enable your senior or special needs dog to get up without struggling and walk without slipping. He trots around the house like a pup again, even jumping and hopping! They’re well away from her fur line, and MOST of them are down where they touch the ground. Mehr von Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips for Dogs auf Facebook anzeigen. The Forgotten Dog Foundation. This fear not only affects her mobility, but translates to every part of her life, including how she relates to people (timid), how she relates to other dogs (aggressive), and how she relates to food (panicky). 59 Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. He had to be carried to eat, go to the toilet, to bed and was confined in a baby play pen for six weeks. Rehabilitating / post-surgical dogs *Package contains 20 ToeGrips. If so you must be paying 29.95 US. Geminis are a mix of the yin and the yang, they are represented perfectly by the Twins. ToeGrips will wear and eventually need to be replaced. She can sit without her front feet just sliding away in front of her. Yet, after she would finish eating on a rubberized mat, she couldn’t even negotiate the three uncovered steps to the nearest area rug without splaying like a baby giraffe on ice. This is definitely one of those products that needs lots of reviews for you to commit to buy. I made her lie down and do it two more times, and by the third time, she popped up and began trotting through the downstairs, taking a tight turn into the kitchen where she grabbed a toy and trotted back through the hardwood floors! JOYJULY 100pcs Dog Nail Caps Soft Claw Covers Nail Caps for Pet Dog Pup Puppy Paws Home Kit, 5 Random, with Glue, Tips and Instruction 3.6 out of 5 stars 105 $9.59 $ 9 . Thanks MAC PS: ToeGrips were really easy to fit given your excellent video and instructions.—Mac McAuliffe, It is difficult to see the green grips on Cassie, but I am so happy for her! Now that she has had them on for just a week she rarely even slips. Seems as though these things are just made out of latex medical tubing. Toe grips gives her the extra stability and support to allow her to confidently move wherever she wants to go. I don’t remember specifics, but last I knew the rescue never got them. Today gave her back some of her independence and you can see in her face and stride just how proud she is…, Jessie my 14 year old black lab has been wearing her toe grips for about 3 weeks. I am a veterinarian and this is my first time using Toe grips. I love Sarah and Gertie unconditionally, but I can’t afford $119.80 plus shipping per month required to get temporary relief with traction. I am not asking for, nor do I deserve your condolences. See items customers recommended most in reviews and Q&A. I didn’t want my judgement to be blinded by my own excitement. Boy, was I wrong. His nails are a little longer but installed them right after they were trimmed. It was late on Tuesday night after work and I decided to apply the ToeGrips right in the middle of one of our problem spots for him, the kitchen floor. That’s clear evidence the Toe Grips are contacting the floor! I was very skeptical about this product but thought just give it a try and…WOW I have a 65kg rottie he is almost 6 years old an here in Australia in the summer all he wants to do is lay on the hardwood floor no matter how many mats I put down he would lay in the middle and when he tried to get up he would slip an slide an struggle to get up. Well, here I am gushing. I started by applying the ToeGrips to Sarah’s ‘good’ front paw. I can’t thank you enough for inventing the toe grip. \Thanks Dr Buzby, from all of us. Pellegrino. The quality of life for my arthritic old girl just improved greatly, and it is obvious how much happier Payton is now. !After my surgeries, my physical therapist put “Dr. Mehr von Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips for Dogs auf Facebook anzeigen. I did order another product called pawfriction that I am eager to try. oder. No more slipping or sliding. My sister-in-law works for the state’s largest veterinary hospital. Slipping happens and this can be painful and cause your dog to worry about falling. I can’t do it. After initial placement she went crazy running and jumping around like she was a puppy again. Not only do I have the plague, it is starting to mutate into the Zombie Apocalypse virus. Logan is now older and having traction problems on my tile floor. Within days, I received the Toe Grips and proceeded to apply them with the guidance of another website video. She is clearly moving better, but that enhanced mobility has made her emotional state better too! Works on the slippery linoleum, hard wood floors, and even upped his confidence on the ice in our driveway. Love this product…wish we’d known about it ages ago. When you purchase Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips® dog nail grips or Encore Mobility™ joint supplement, not only will you receive a product that should dramatically improve quality of life for your dog, you will also get access to expert product support from a team who understands your relationship with your dog. Amazing!!! Because we live in the southwest where all tile is typical, she’s had a horrendous time getting up, and even just getting around due to her feet slipping on the tile. As I said in the review, it’s possible ToeGrips just weren’t made for ‘harsh environments’. The above Dr. Buzbys ToeGrips promos are currently the very best on the internet. He just lost a leg due to cancer. ToeGrips have been around since 2011 and are an invention by Dr. Julie Buzby who is a veterinarian who had her own practice, but now lives in South Carolina practicing part-time. I sing the praises of this product to anyone that asks! I tried everything else my vet suggested, so why not give this a shot? The PawFriction coating will not damage floors. Skip to main content. Even if I wasn’t, super glue should have caused at least 1 grip on at least 1 of the girls to stay on longer than 2 weeks but not 1 did. I purchased them online and was so amazed the difference it has made for her, there has been no slipping are scrambling when she walks on the tiles. Buzbys” on my lovely toes to keep me from “splaying” – my family has a lot of hardwood floors. After being suggested the toe grips from our wonderful vet Clare in Willunga South Australia. We don’t often take the time to endorse a product but we felt this product is different. Or is it special rubber? So glad you reviewed these! She was having such a hard time getting around. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! They were OK, but so thin that they rotated around her foot so the grippy side was UP. He was depressed and hated it, but to make it easier we let his much older sister Rosy sit with him for company or a human would get in there with him. —Meagan Skelton, I ordered Barley’s first pair Saturday morning (over the holiday) and they arrived Monday. She is also diabetic and nearly blind. He can no longer jump or run like he used to but he does try (usually ending in a spectacular fail with me screaming like a crazy woman “Noooo Banjo”). My black lab, Haley is 14. I'm afraid he'll hurt himself as he. ( Log Out /  Brady is an almost 13 yr old yellow lab, and a retired Leader Dog for the Blind. Wow! Problem is, the ToeGrips started falling off on day 6 after application. I stumbled upon Toe Grips. With so much success for Slater, we quickly decided to use them on our 13-year-old Black Mouth Cur as well. I really wished they had worked. But you got to admit, It is a good idea. How hard can it be? dog toe treads are made with a 100% fda approved food safe material. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how they would stay on. Fact is, she pushes the rugs out of her way because she prefers the cool floor to lay on. I’m 72 and it’s a tuff nut for me to help the big fella’ up which i did almost every day. They also recommended a harness for my dog to help her walk, as well as get in and out of the car. Go Search Hello Select your address Best Sellers Customer Service New Releases Find a Gift Whole Foods Today's Deals Gift Cards Registry AmazonBasics Sell #FoundItOnAmazon Coupons Free Shipping Shopper Toolkit Disability … Let’s hope for a really good idea what really works :o). The toe grips are a small doggie miracle for this severely arthritic dog. She is back to going deep into the yard to relieve herself which tells me she’s not experiencing much if any pain while walking. She didn’t bat an eye at the front ToeGrips being added, and she didn’t fight me on it because she realized right away what they were. I’ve heard other reviewers say that if you message Dr. Buzby asking what size might fit your dog best if they’re in between sizes, she may send you a size for free. Plus, it’s quieter when he’s trotting about! No need to worry about the sake of the quality of any of our dogs’ lives. Amazing! I will be recommending them to my clients without hesitation as I have seen such incredible, immediate results with my senior dog. We were given a sample of your Toe Grips at C.A.R.E. My 18 year old mini pin mix has been having the hardest time getting around lately. She normally can barely walk on my bedroom floor without slipping. Ours are Pergo floors and traction can be an issue sometimes. I was really surprised and pleased with how well the Dog Toe Treads worked on some of my senior patients – reduced slipping, helped traction, and so much easier to apply than other products on the market. Sarah may be wobbly, but she can still chase a rabbit in our 1/2 acre back yard. He was falling 5-6 times a day on our hardwoods, and it was seriously breaking my heart. Her quality of life is so much better! My son is a fourth year veterinary student and he is amazed that the grips help.Grateful. Text: (843) 781-6430. Sarah didn’t go for a desert walk until 2 weeks ago, but by then, most of the ToeGrips had already fallen off. It took her about an hour total to get used to the feel of the back ones on the hardwood, which only showed up because her gait was different as she was able to grip the floors again. If i could be a saleswoman for your company, i would travel the world singing of the greatness of this product. And I have to say, this is my favorite product for senior dogs pretty much of all time! Payton realized within 2 toes that she was NOT getting her toenails clipped, and relaxed a bit. We know how frustrating it is to watch your aging dog slip on hard floors. Get ToeGrips for your dog at and save 10% this week Best sellers are hard to come by.

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